City of tshwane commissions two new sewer pump stations in hammanskraal

Human Settlements MMC, Ofentse Madzebatela, has officiated the commissioning of two sewer pump stations in Hammanskraal, yesterday. The City says this is a significant milestone for the community of Hammanskraal as it represents the City’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable
development.The MMC says, “The commissioning of these plants is a testament to our commitment to managing our waste water and protecting the environment”.

The City believes the completion of these sewer pump stations will ensure that they can accommodate and connect more people to the sewer network and improve their quality of life. It says, through advanced technology, these stations will play a crucial role in
safeguarding water resources and preserving ecological balance, especially in the Hammanskraal area. The stations are the Kudube Ext 9 Pump Station and the Temba-Babelegi Pump Station in Region 2, respectively. Madzebatela urged the community to safeguard and protect the infrastructure. “ I
want to urge the community to safeguard and look after this critical infrastructure as these are their assets and legacy, and an inheritance for the coming generations”.