Keshi Benneth Mabunda, A Cop Behind Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu Case Discovered Another Murder And Insurance Case

Detectives have been working on the case for the past two months after a tip-off came in from relatives of the woman, following the mysterious death of her female relative in March 2023, which was initially ruled as a natural death.

According to a statement from the police, the case was triggered by the death of the woman’s female relative, who was found in suspicious circumstances in Mmabolo.

The incident was first reported to the police in March 2023 after the death of the female relative, which was first reported as a natural death, according to a statement by the police.Athlenda Mathe, a police spokesperson, said that detectives were called in after relatives of the suspect made a tip-off. Mathe added that the suspect’s father, Mr. Mabunda, was involved in the investigation as he has a history of solving similar cases.

Through investigation and exhumation of the body, the team managed to connect the suspect to the first focus of the investigation. The suspect will appear in court on Friday on the charge of murder. According to Mathe, the suspect had fraudulently obtained insurance on behalf of a relative before her murder. The deceased’s son had passed away in July of this year, the deceased’s husband had passed away in 2016, and the deceased’s two daughters had passed away in 2015 and 2005, police said. Police said the suspect had pocketed large sums of money in the course of her activities.

The woman’s case bears a striking resemblance to that of infamous serial killer, Ndlovu. Ndlovu was a former police officer who was convicted of murdering her live-in companion and five of her family members from 2012 to 2018.

It was discovered that Ndlovu had taken out life and life insurance policies on her victims and collected up to R1.4 million in payouts after they died.

In the Ndlovu case, she was sentenced to six life sentences, four life sentences for fraud, seven life sentences for incitement to murder and one life sentence for attempted murder on her mother.