Soshanguve Residents Experience Power Outages Mainly Because Of Cable Theft

Power Outages in Pretoria
Power outages in Pretoria are happening on a weekly basis outside of load shedding schedules affecting the residents of Pretoria’s block VV, uU and WW.

Residents took to social media to express their anger after yet another power outage on Monday afternoon, this time without any notice from the municipality.According to City officials, the power outage was either caused by cable theft or an electrical issue linked to the power outage.

Residents were concerned that their food might go bad if City power was not restored until the end of the day yesterday. Others feared that they would have to spend more money to buy new food items. People took to Twitter and other social media platforms to complain about the power outage and to ask when the City would be able to restore power to their homes.

Another resident said, “We, as a community of residents living in SW, UU and VV, would like to arrange an appointment to discuss our concerns regarding power outages and cable theft in SW, Ward 36. We have been experiencing power outages almost every week for the past 24 hours and it is not right that the City is not taking us seriously. The only communication we have received from the City is that a technician has been sent to investigate the issue.”

Another resident said that cable theft is becoming more and more common in SW, and that the same people who install the cables are often the ones who steal them later.The City has repeatedly said that the ongoing Samwu strike is to blame for the long delays in resolving power cuts and other service issues.

Last week, City contractors’ waste removal trucks were attacked in various areas of the city, with one truck having its windscreen broken and bricks thrown at it. The other was forced to dump its contents in the street by a crowd.

We have also seen valves being closed in the city of Soshangvie to allow water reservoirs to run dry, buses stoned on the street, nurses, patients and staff being marched away from clinics, depots being blocked by cars, offices being forced to close and threats of violence being made.