The world commemorates world aids day under the theme “let communities lead

Every year on the 1st of December, the world commemorates those who have lost their lives and show endless support to people living with HIV/AIDS across the globe. World Aids Day was founded in 1988.According to UNAIDS, this was the first ever international day for global health.
This year’s commemoration is held under the theme “Let Communities Lead”, which focuses on the contributions made by communities in fighting against HIV/AIDS in the society.
Human Sciences Research Council released statistics highlighting a slight decrease from 14,0% in 2017 to 12,7% in 2022 of people living with HIV in South Africa. Approximately 7,8 million people in this country are living with HIV in 2022 compared to 7,9 million in 2017, with Kwa-Zulu Natal being the highest HIV prevalence.
The reports also indicates that South Africa has made a huge improvement in terms of getting people tested for HIV/AIDS.

By Meriam Kubjana